Matt Dwen



Heya, I’m Matt, and I like to pretend that I have half a clue about taking photos.

I’m based in Auckland, New Zealand, where I own and operate Group 6 Technologies who write software for the broadcast television industry. I’ve also worked freelance in the television industry, including a stint at Western Springs working on The Dirt in the late 2000s.

My photography tends to be spur of the moment, shoot what you see. I like to document what goes on behind the scenes, which usually results in the back of peoples heads. Normally I’ll take a single prime lens to an event, to force myself to work to find the light and the shot. My favourite lens is a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4, now over 30 years old, but produces some amazing colour.

Outside of work and photography I am currently in the processing of obtaining my private pilots license. Flying was always my dream as a child, and I am thoroughly enjoying completing that dream now.

See you trackside or in the skies!